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Type K1

Specifications: 132.5*356.12*300

Model: Type K

Origin: Jiaxing

Brand: Changai.

Minimum order: 1

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1、K series enclosure is suitable for desktop or portable applications, like test instruments case, communication and computer system, etc.;

2、Size can be freely customized, graceful appearance and strong structure;

3、Different side panel and handle solutions.

Structure picture:

 Handle solution:

Side panel solution:

KX Series:


KX series principle is same as K series(KX1/KX2/KX3/KX4);

KX series frame and aluminum block is same as K series;

KX1 type side panel is aluminum powder coated;

KX2 type side panel surface electri-conductive processed. 

KX series structure:

Structure size:

Order information:

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